From Concept to End-of-Life

Sensible and Sustainable

Are you seeking to replace non-renewable petroleum based polymers in your products for recycled content or renewably sourced resins?

Is your goal to convert single-use disposable items to compostable plastics?

From concept to end-of-life UrthPact helps you through the entire process to achieve your sustainable plastic manufacturing goals.

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Biomarketing Messaging

We will help you to craft the proper green and sustainable message around your new bio-based, sustainable, compostable or recycled plastic product.



Our engineers will work with you to make sure your product achieves your goals.

Material Choices

We work with our suppliers to determine the right biopolymer formulation for your product to help you to reach your desired product performance and price point.

Regulatory Testing and Certification

UrthPact will help you to learn and prepare for the appropriate testing and certifications whether you are looking for certification of commercial compostability (ASTM D6400) or Vincotte standards such as OK Compost.

Cost Competitive Manufacturing Platform

Our customers benefit from our highly engineered and automated manufacturing platform that provides a lower total cost for manufactured bio-plastic products.

Certified Manufacturing in the USA

We have east and west coast plants in Massachusetts and California. They are FDA compliant and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

End of Life Solutions

Manufacturing compostable and sustainable plastics helps us to achieve our mission: Where consumption leaves no footprint. Choosing the right end-of-life strategy for your products is an important consideration for product developers. Let us help you with your end-of-life solutions for your compostable, recycled and bioplastic products.

Learn More

Are you converting your conventional injection molded plastic product or designing a new product to be more sustainable or compostable?

Contact us to learn more about our solutions.