Home Compostable Bioplastic Straws for Brands

A fully customizable option that allows you to represent your brand and save the planet.
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Fully Customizable Product and Packaging


Certified Home & Industrially Compostable

Compliant with most single-use plastics bans and ordinances


Made In The USA


Made in an SQF Certified Plant


Durable & Cost-Effective



Brand the Wrapper

Add a logo, brand messaging, or promotion to your wrapper in up to 2 colors to create a custom wrapper unique to your brand


Brand with Colors

Match your brand’s unique color scheme with color-matched packaging, or even add colors to the straw itself


Customize Packaging Solution

Create a custom packaging configuration, box count, straw length, and more


Let Us Help You Build Your Brand; It's All About You

When you win, we win, so we support our brand partners in creating the perfect straw solution for their particular needs



Jumbo and Giant (Standard & Long), and Cocktail Size


Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Orders: 1 Truckload

Anywhere from 3.5 to 7 million straws, depending on packaging configuration


Ships from Massachusetts and California, USA

What are UrthPact’s Home Compostable Straws made of?

The straws are manufactured using Danimer Scientific’s signature biopolymer, Nodax PHA®. The naturally-occurring material was verified as an effective biodegradable alternative to traditional petrochemical plastics in a 2018 study led by the University of Georgia (UGA) researchers and members of the UGA New Materials Institute. Nodax PHA® has also been certified home compostable by TUV’s OK compost HOME and passes marine degradation testing per ASTM D6691.

Will the straws fully break down in the ocean?

Yes. They will degrade completely to produce carbon dioxide, water, and biomass which can be consumed by microorganisms in the environment or used to enrich either the soil or marine ecosystem.

How can I buy your straws?

The easiest way to contact our sales team is by sending us an inquiry down at the bottom of this page! Be sure to provide details on your volumes, packaging needs, and how you would potentially like the product customized, if that applies to you. Our team will get back to you within 48 hours to help us create a partnership to showcase your original brand.

What straw sizes are available?

These standard sizes available today:

  • Jumbo-Standard: 7.75” x 0.216” (197mm x 5.5mm)
  • Jumbo-Long: 10” x 0.216” (254mm x 5.5mm)
  • Giant-Standard: 7.75” x 0.276” (197mm x 7mm)
  • Giant-Long: 10” x 0.276” (254mm x 7mm)
  • Cocktail: 6” x 0.137” (150mm x 3.5mm)

Custom sizes are available upon request.

What colors are available?

Currently, UrthPact straws come in a generic white color, however black straws are coming soon! We can also create a unqiue custom branded color experience and make straws in any color you’d like. Custom color straws have a required volume MOQ of 2 truckloads (7-14 million straws, depending on configuration).

Are your straws better than paper?

Yes, they are! Unlike paper, our straws are certified home compostable (they pass testing for AS 5810 and are certified by TUV Austria’s OK compost HOME). No trees have been sacrificed in order to produce our straws. Our materials are all made in the USA and come from nature. UrthPact Home Compostable Straws don’t turn to mush, don’t feel strange in your mouth, nor add any bad taste to your beverage.

Where are your straws made?

All of our materials are produced right here in the USA, and all of our manufacturing happens state-side as well. Our straws are 100% American-Made.

Are UrthPact’s Straws certified home compostable?

Yes! Our straws pass testing for AS 5810 for home compostability and are certified home compostable with TUV’s OK compost HOME.

Do the straws have any strange smell or feel?

No, UrthPact Straws look, smell and feel just like a traditional plastic straw. They add no flavor, have no strange feel and stand up in drinks just like a traditional plastic straw.

Does UrthPact make any other compostable products?

Yes. Currently, UrthPact also manufactures single-use cutlery, coffee products (one-way valves for bags and single-use coffee pod components), and preforms and caps for water bottles. All of our other products (aside from straws) are certified industrial compostable per ASTM D6400 and OK compost INDUSTRIAL

How can I get more information?

You can contact us on these contact pages on our website: straws, preforms for bottles, coffee products, or cutlery. For general inquiries use the contact us page. Or, you can call us at 978-847-9747.


Made from a marine degradable material, the straws are certified home and commercially compostable, as well as able to biodegrade in landfills. Rest assured knowing there’s no greenwashing here. Click on the logos below to learn more about our certifications.

TUV OK Compost Industrial Certified   tuv ok compost certified home


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