Compostable and Recycled Plastic Cutlery

UrthPact Contract Manufactures high quality, fully compostable and recycled plastic flatware for companies who supply restaurants and grocery stores and other food services companies.

We manufacture recycled plastic utensils in the USA. And soon our compostable plastic cutlery will be available. Our manufacturing process is certified by AIB International to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Compostable cutlery can be disposed of with other food waste and transported to commercial composting facilities.

Preserve Cutlery dispensor

preserve® Cutlery Dispenser


Utensils manufactured with recycled plastic can be recycled again using existing recycling resources.

Commercial grade cutlery dispensers are also manufactured to further ensure sanitation of cutlery in your food service location.

Considering converting your cutlery products to recycled plastics or compostable plastics? Contact us to consult with our experts.

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