Compostable and Recycled-Content Single-Use Cutlery

In partnership with Preserve, we are excited to bring you Made in USA sustainable cutlery and compostable utensils
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compostable cutlery


compostable cutlery


All of the compostable utensils we manufacture pass ASTM D6400 test standards for commercial compost. They are also certified for industrial composting as per TUV’s worldwide standard OK compost INDUSTRIAL protocol. We are also in the process of obtaining a BPI certificate (the American equivalent to TUV’s OK compost INDUSTRIAL) as well. There’s no greenwashing here. Click HERE to learn more about our certifications.

Home Compostable Options Coming Soon!


By choosing a recycled-polypropylene product, you lengthen the lifespan of the materials used to manufacture it. This brings us one step closer to a circular economy, as well as extends the life cycle for plastic materials.

recycled plastic cutlery

Dispensing Units

stackable compostable cutlery

Stackable Cutlery

Our cutlery is built to be used in a dispenser. With its stackable design, articles sit neatly on top of one another for use in a dispensing unit. No need to worry about backups, clogs, or tangled cutlery in the dispenser. We provide a seamless, stackable experience.


Single-use cutlery is also often utilized in dispensing units for cafeterias, workplaces, stadiums and cafes. They provide a clean and sanitary distribution method for cutlery, and are compatible with both the recycled-content and compostable cutlery options.

recycled cutlery dispenser


What is the recycled-content cutlery made from?

The recycled-content cutlery is made from recycled polypropylene. Polypropylene is a petroleum-based thermoplastic. The material used is 100% recycled #5 plastic that is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

What is the compostable cutlery made from?

The compostable utensils are made from an industrially compostable bioplastic called PLA, or polylactic acids. It’s made from either a corn-starch or sugar-cane feedstock, and it can be used to create versatile commercially compostable compounds that can then be molded into a variety of single-use products.

What conditions are needed for the compostable utensils to be composted?

In order to properly compost, the cutlery needs to be disposed of in an industrial or commercial composting facility (click HERE to see if there is one in your local area). These facilities provide specialized conditions, including specific microbial communities and higher temperatures (around 136ºF or 58ºC) in order to facilitate the breakdown and compost of the bioplastics by microorganisms. The entire process (from product to usable compost) takes place in under 180 days.

Where is this cutlery made?

All of the products we manufacture are 100% Made in the USA.

What cutlery products do you manufacture?

UrthPact manufactures two types of cutlery: recycled-content and industrially-compostable. Those can come packaged in bulk, or in sleeves for usage in dispensers (made by our brand partner Preserve).

What is the temperature range for the compostable utensils?

The compostable utensils have an upper temperature limit of 190ºF.

How can I buy these cutlery products?

If you are interested in buying these cutlery products, reach out to us through the contact form or reach out to Preserve directly to place an order.

Does UrthPact make other recycled-content or compostable products?

Yes! UrthPact also manufactures home-compostable and marine-degradable drinking straws, as well as coffee packaging products like one-way degassing valves (evalv) and single-serve coffee pods. Our straws are certified home compostable by TUV OK compost HOME, and our other products all pass ASTM D6400 or hold a TUV OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification.

How can I get more information?

You can contact us on these contact pages on our website: straws, coffee products, or cutlery. For general inquiries use the contact us page. Or, you can call us at 978-847-9747.


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