The Environmental Equation

Disposable products used for mere minutes shouldn't last forever... ours doesn't!


Every piece of plastic made over the last century is still present somewhere on our planet.


The amount of waste diverted from landfills through composting has quadrupled since 1990, according to the EPA.

500+ years

Conventional plastics


Together, we Americans generate over 30 million tons of plastic waste each year. About 10 percent of that is recycled. The rest is sent to landfills and left to litter the planet for the next 30 generations.

6 months

Compostable Bioplastics


Compostable bioplastics will completely return to organic matter by becoming nutrient rich biomass through the composting process in as little as 6 months, leaving no toxins or residue like petroleum-based plastics.


The bioplastics we use to mold compostable products meets recognized American and/or International Standards for compostable materials. It safely decomposes —just like food and yard waste.

UrthPact is a proud member of the US Composting Council.

Let's make plastic pollution disappear

Join the Revolution against single-use plastic. Help us to reach our goal of keeping 25 billion plastic parts from polluting our landfills and oceans by 2028:

Common Sense & Responsibility

Environmentally-conscious consumers seek out brands, products and packaging made of earth-friendly materials.

Products made from bioplastic materials are quickly becoming the responsible choice for living a more sustainable life that can be passed on to our children and grandchildren.