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The natural evolution in degassing valves.
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Certified Industrially Compostable


Home Compostable Options Coming Soon


Made in the USA


Manufactured in an SQF certified facility


Completes a compostable packaging solution for coffee products

compostable cutlery utensils


Evalv is made from things like canola oil and cornstarch. This makes it 100% compostable. And we can prove it too. Evalv is certified industrially compostable by both BPI’s industrial compost protocol and TUV’s OK compost industrial protocol. It will biodegrade in an approved compost facility in as little as 180 days. When heat sealed to a compostable coffee bag, Evalv provides a fully compostable packaging solution for coffee products. To learn more about our certifications, click the logos below.

Home Compostable Options Coming Soon!

TUV OK Compost Industrial Certified   biodegradable products institute



What is evalv made of?

Evalv is made from a blend of industrially compostable biopolymers that allow for it to have all the functionality you’d expect from your one-way degassing valve, and still be able to break down in municipal compost.

What conditions are required for evalv to fully compost?

In order to properly compost, evalv needs to be disposed of in an industrial or commercial composting facility (click HERE to see if there is one in your local area). These facilities provide specialized conditions, including specific microbial communities and higher temperatures (around 136ºF or 58ºC) in order to facilitate the breakdown and compost of the bioplastics by microorganisms. The entire process (from product to usable compost) takes place in under 180 days.

What type of valve applicators does evalv work with?

Currently, evalv is compatible with most existing valve applicators that are set-up to apply Aroma format valves. However Goglio format evalv is coming soon! Check out the technical drawings for more details of the differences between evalv-a (Aroma) and evalv-g (Goglio, coming soon). If you are unsure if your applicator is compatible with evalv, send us an inquiry form below to request samples and specifications.

Where is evalv made?

All of the products we manufacture are 100% Made in the USA.

Does evalv have to be used with a compostable coffee bag?

Would you toss something plastic into your compost bin? Absolutely not! In order to reap the benefits of evalv’s compostability, the entire package needs to be compostable. Therefore, yes, evalv does need to be used with a coffee bag that is either home or industrially compostable. This allows for the entire coffee package to travel to a composter, and safely break down into usable compost.

Does UrthPact make other compostable products?

Yes! UrthPact also manufactures home-compostable and marine-degradable drinking straws, as well as industrially compostable and recycled-content single-use cutlery and single-serve coffee pods. Our straws are certified home compostable by TUV OK compost HOME, and our other products all pass ASTM D6400 or hold a TUV OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification and/or a BPI industrial certification.

How do I get more information?

Complete the form at the bottom of this page for more details on evalv. And for our other products complete the forms on those specific pages: straws, bottles and caps, or cutlery. For general inquiries use the contact us page. Or, call us at 978-847-9747.



Sold in quantities for medium- & large-scale coffee roasters


Compatible with most existing valve applicators


Must be heat sealed to compostable packaging


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