This is evalv.

The natural evolution in degassing valves.

Put an end to old plastic.

Evalv is fully compostable. It looks, works and feels just like conventional coffee valves, but won’t outlive us by 500 years.

Made by nature.

Evalv is made with things like canola seeds and corn starch. That makes it 100% compostable and a natural alternative to conventional plastic.

In as little as three months, the biocompostable plastic used to make Evalv will break down to mulch. It meets ASTM and ISO standards for compostable materials.

Coffee conscious.

Evalv works exactly like other one-way valves. It fits most existing valve applicators, and will keep your beans fresh, and your customers happy.

Make a sustainable

Evalv is perfect for environmentally conscious coffee lovers. Pair a biodegradable bag and your entire package could be disposed of just like coffee grounds.

Up for some environmental do-goodery?

If you’d like to sample Evalv for yourself or find out more, this is where you do it. We hope to hear from you.