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Certified Compostable Products: What to Look For and What It Means

As plastic pollution on our planet continues to spread and worsen, a variety of organizations have taken steps to reduce the amount of plastic used in their products. Companies like Nestle and Coca-Cola have committed to reducing the amount of plastic used in their...

UrthPact Takes Pride in Being a 100% American-Based Manufacturer

Made in China. It’s a phrase many of us are used to hearing or seeing, but one that we didn’t pay much attention to until this coronavirus pandemic. And let’s be clear here: it has absolutely nothing to do with China’s position in this entire pandemic. The US...

Open For Business: Choosing American-Made Disposables Is the Way to Go

After over 60 days in quarantine, all 50 states have officially lifted stay-at-home orders. That’s right, our time cooped up indoors has finally come to an end. But as we begin to prepare to return to our normal, pre-corona, everyday lives, there’s a couple of things...


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