Bioplastic Injection Molding

Bioplastic Injection Molding in [kds_location]Bioplastic injection molding is a great way for manufacturers to not only make cost-effective plastic products, but to do it sustainably, using an efficient, environmentally-friendly process.

Bioplastic injection molding is a specialized expertise found here at UrthPact. We use specially formulated PLA, plant-based resins that are ideally suited for bioplastic injection molding, enabling plastic product manufacturers to produce a wide range of “green” consumer products. The use of bioplastic injection molding is a great way to gain a marketing advantage over companies that continue to use non-renewable resources such as petroleum-based plastic resins. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of bioplastics and are starting to seek out products that are manufactured using non-toxic materials and processes such as bioplastic injection molding.

An added benefit to the use of bioplastics and bioplastic injection molding is that many bioplastic resins are compostable, breaking down into helpful soil additives in a matter of months, not years. This makes bioplastics and bioplastic injection molding is ideal for single-use disposable plastic products, including cutlery, coffee pods, and water bottles.

As the recognition of bioplastics and their benefits grows, more and more big-name brands are jumping on the bioplastics bandwagon. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Heinz, Ford, and Procter & Gamble are collaborating to identify plant-based raw materials for bioplastics and bioplastic injection molding that will not impact the food supply or produce excessive carbon.

Here at UrthPact, we’re committed to developing the leading edge bioplastic technology and materials for bioplastic injection molding to help manufacturers produce better plastic products in a renewable, sustainable way that doesn’t harm the environment. To learn more about bioplastic injection molding give us a call.