Bioplastic Manufacturing

Aug 18, 2017

bioplastic manufacturingWhat is Bioplastic Manufacturing?

Bioplastic manufacturing is the next-generation solution for manufacturing inexpensive, durable, attractive plastic products that are more earth-friendly and environmentally-safe than traditional petrochemical-based plastics.

Bioplastic manufacturing uses renewable biomass sources such as plant-based feedstocks including corn, rice, palm fiber, potatoes, wood cellulose and other plants. Unlike bioplastic manufacturing, traditional manufacturing of conventional plastic products utilizes non-renewable petroleum and natural gas resources. Their manufacturing processes are wasteful and not very environmentally-friendly. And while most plastics can be recycled, very few are. In fact, plastic is one of the fastest growing components of the general waste stream and one of the most expensive discarded materials for municipalities to manage.

Bioplastic Manufacturing at Urthpact

Traditional injection molding processes do not work very well for bioplastic manufacturing and making compostable, plant-based bioplastics. In order to develop an efficient, cost-effective means of bioplastic manufacturing , we had to rethink everything – from raw stock processing to mold-making to finishing.

We have spent a lot of time and effort closely examining various ways to develop processes for bioplastic manufacturing and utilize plastics made from plants, not petroleum. We discovered that bioplastics such as those produced here at UrthPact share many of the same properties of traditional plastics, just none of the environmentally-unfriendly ones. Bioplastic manufacturing can provide products with the same look, feel, and functionality of conventional petroleum-based plastics, but utilizing attractive, durable bioplastic that can be composted and safely converted into soil components within as little as three months.

Here at UrthPact, we’re committed to developing next-gen bioplastic technology and materials for bioplastic manufacturing to help consumer products companies produce better plastic products in a renewable, ecological way that doesn’t harm the environment.

To find out more about how UrthPact can help you make the change to eco-friendly bioplastics, contact us today.

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