Earth Day 2020: People Healthy and Planet Healthy

Apr 24, 2020

We just reached the one month mark of this quarantine to help slow the spread of the pandemic that has threatened millions of people worldwide. Humans as a species have withdrawn into our homes, and planet Earth has taken advantage of our absence. Waterways are cleaner, the ozone is healing, and a variety of animals have returned to lands they used to inhabit. And while this is incredible, we have to take a realistic view of the future. We can’t stay inside forever, and the planet also can’t take our abuse forever. We need to find a way of life that’s safe for us and safe for the Earth. One of the biggest factors in our suffering planet is plastic pollution. Single-use products litter nearly every natural surface on Earth. So how do we balance single-use convenience with something healthy for the planet? Easy: compost.

Compostable bioplastics are an emerging industry that is the true solution to the plastic noose that is strangling our planet. And not only are they healthy for the planet, they’re healthy for people too. The production process for traditional plastics releases a wide range of unhealthy chemicals into the atmosphere. However, PLA (polylactic acid) and PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) — the two most common bioplastics — are both naturally occurring. PLA is plant-based, while PHA occurs naturally in a variety of microorganisms. Therefore, making single-use products from these bioplastics has no negative effect on the environment. And when they reach their disposal, they compost and feed the Earth rather than polluting it and poisoning it.

At UrthPact, our goal is to create a world where consumption leaves no footprint. By engineering private-label single-use products from compostable materials, we are able to provide the convenience that customers expect with none of the environmental guilt or harm to the planet. However, good for the planet wasn’t enough for us. We also wanted to be sure that our products were safe for your customers. So, we made sure all of our manufacturing facilities were Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified, and our American-Made products are always of the highest-quality.

The planet is depending on us. But your customers are depending on you too. There has to be a solution that satisfies both sides. We’re here to tell you that there is. And we’ve found it. Switching to compostable products, like those made at UrthPact, are the key to saving our planet from plastic. As we celebrate Earth Day this week, we want to encourage you to do something to help the Earth. Whether it’s watering the plants on your front porch, swapping to compostable coffee pods from Cameron’s Coffee or San Francisco Bay Coffee, or vowing to start composting in your home, each and every one of us has the ability to change the world. So let’s make Earth Day Earth Week. Or maybe Earth Month? Or better yet, Earth Quarantine. With all of this time on our hands, we have a unique opportunity to change the world. Let’s take advantage of it.

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