Elevate Your Coffee Packaging with One-Way Degassing Valves from evalv®

May 17, 2018

evalv compostable one way degassing valves on a pile of coffee beans

As the amount of discarded plastics in our environment grows, the pressure to provide eco-friendly packaging options has rightfully increased. For environmentally conscious coffee producers, there has been one particularly stubborn packaging element that simply refused to change with the times. Compostable coffee bag film solutions are not able to be used with a polyethylene valve. The evalv® opens the door to using a fully compostable bag.

With evalv®, Eco-Friendly Coffee Packaging Is 100% Compostable

The experts at UrthPact sought to create an environmentally safe solution. Developing a sturdy, multi-component valve assembly from compostable plastics is a significant technical challenge. However, as the leading experts in injection-molded compostable bioplastics, our engineers were uniquely suited to solve the problem.

The result is evalv®, a 100% compostable degassing valve that fits easily into most existing valve applicators. evalv® looks and performs just like conventional coffee valves—the only difference is the material. They are made with bioplastics sourced from canola seeds or cornstarch; they meet the ASTM and ISO standards for compostable materials. In commercial composting environments in as little as three months, evalv® will fully break down into compost. When paired with a compostable plastic bag, the entire package can be easily composted both commercially and domestically.

evalv® Can Do More Than Coffee

Compostable, one-way degassing valves are not just limited to packaging for coffee beans. Many packaging applications that utilize degassing valves—from fertilizer to sauerkraut—can be made more eco-friendly with evalv®. Any fermented product packaged with one-way degassing valves can also be packaged using evalv®.

If you’re interested in making your coffee packaging completely compostable and eco-friendly,  contact UrthPact today.


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