100% Certified Compostable Bottles, Caps & Labels

The world’s first fully compostable bottle, cap, and label on the market.

Stay Hydrated and Go Green

The world’s first 100% compostable* bottles are ideal for sporting events, corporate venues, entertainment complexes and more. Each bottle is a standard 28mm PCO 1810 or PCO 1881 bottle and cap containing 16.9 fl oz. Made from plant-based resins, the bottles have no detrimental impact on the environment. The bottle, cap and label are all fully compostable. After consumption, the empty bottle is collected and disposed of at industrial compost facilities for an environmentally friendly end of life solution.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Made from plant-based bioplastics, these water bottles are 100% compostable. They will break down in industrial compost facilities and they can be safely incinerated as a clean-burning fuel. There is no more sustainable, earth-friendly, on the go, single-use water bottle option.

Made in the USA

 UrthPact manufactures bottles, caps and labels in the USA. 

Make the Green Choice in Bottled Water

Water Bottle Compostable in industrial facilities. Not certified for backyard composting.

Minimum quantity: One truckload (Contains 24 pallets: 24 bottles per case, 60 cases per pallet for a total of 34,560 bottles.) Minimum International Shipment: 1 refrigerated container (400,000 preforms & caps) Bottle preforms and caps are also available for purchase.  

Due to our present capacity, we are asking that only current drink manufacturers and bottlers request information at this time.