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At UrthPact, our goal is to eliminate single-use plastics from polluting our environment. After five years of research, process development, and obtaining all necessary certifications, we’re introducing our new compostable premium juice bottles and caps that are made from plants, not petroleum. Our bottles and caps are made from a plant-based material, rather than the harmful petroleum-base that is used for traditional plastic bottles. Their beginning of life is more carbon-neutral than that of petro-based bottles, whose beginning of life pumps excess carbon into our atmosphere. Our bottles are also certified for industrial (commercial) compost by TUV Austria. If your mission is to make the planet a better place to live and create a more sustainable environment, then we want to talk with you.


Healthy Juice, Healthy Body, Healthy Planet

By using UrthPact’s bottles and caps, you can do your part in helping reduce the 60 million plastic bottles that end up in landfills every day. Not only are our bottles 100% industrially compostable, but they can also be safely incinerated as a clean-burning fuel. They’re ideal for sporting events, corporate venues, entertainment complexes, and more. They’ll help reduce carbon footprint, as well as achieve sustainability goals at a variety of different levels. Made in the USA in a Safe Quality Food certified facility, these bottles are the perfect solution for an eco-friendly bottled beverage. A healthy product, for healthy people on a healthy planet.

As a contract manufacturer, UrthPact is open to all inquiries from beverage companies and bottlers who need 500,000+ bottles per month. To inquire, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.



What are UrthPact’s Compostable Bottles and Caps made of?

UrthPact bottles and caps are made from a blend of plant-based materials that are much healthier for the planet than traditional petroleum-based plastics. They’re rigid enough to hold their form until they reach municipal compost.

What conditions are required for UrthPact Bottles and Caps to fully compost?

In order to properly compost, our bottles and caps need to be disposed of in an industrial or commercial composting facility (click HERE to see if there is one in your local area). These facilities provide specialized conditions, including specific microbial communities and higher temperatures (around 136ºF or 58ºC) in order to facilitate the breakdown and compost of the bioplastics by microorganisms. The entire process (from product to usable compost) takes place in under 180 days.

What beverages can UrthPact Bottles and Caps be used for?

UrthPact bottles and caps are best used for juice bottles! They are a great solution for premium, non-carbonated beverages.

What sizes of bottles are available?

Our industrial compost certifications cover a wide variety of bottle sizes, such as 28mm PCO 1810 or PCO 1881 (16.9 fluid ounces).

Where are UrthPact Bottles and Caps made?

All UrthPact products (bottles and caps included) are 100% Made in the USA

Does UrthPact make other compostable products?

Yes! UrthPact also manufactures home compostable and marine-degradable drinking straws, as well as industrially compostable and recycled-content single-use cutlery. We also make compostable single-serve coffee pods and one-way degassing valves. Our straws are certified by BPI, and TUV OK Compost HOME, and our other products all hold TUV OK Compost INDUSTRIAL or BPI industrial certifications.

What's the reality of a recyclable bottle vs. a compostable bottle?

While a recyclable bottle may get a second (and maybe even 3rd or 4th) chance after passing through the recycling system, they will inevitably end up in a landfill at some point in their life. And once they’re there, they’ll take over 500 years to break down to microplastics, which are still a problem for the planet. Compostables only go around the circular economy once, but they start from a plant-based source and return to the earth they came from at the end of their life. Overall, that’s a much better result (in our opinion).

How do I get more information?

Complete the form at the bottom of this page for more details on UrthPact Bottles and Caps. And for our other products complete the forms on those specific pages: straws, bottles, and caps, or cutlery. For general inquiries use the contact us page. Or, call us at 978-847-9747.



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