Injection Molded Compostable Products

The world seems to be held together with plastics. There are so many different polymer compounds for so many different products, but they all share one common trait – they hang around for almost ever. That’s why injection molded compostable products were developed by Urthpact. Unlike conventional plastic products, the innovative, environmentally-friendly bioplastic used in injection molded compostable products from UrthPact can be safely composted.

Injection molded compostable products are designed to do exactly what their name suggests – compost. Unique, sustainable bioplastics that can go safely into the ground and turn into nutrients to help grow other plants. Injection molded compostable products can compost in as little as three months because injection molded compostable products are made from natural, biodegradable, renewable resources, not fossil fuels.

Injection molded compostable products look, feel, and function just like many conventional plastics made from petroleum. Injection molded compostable products even share many of the same properties and can be injection molded in an almost endless array of sizes, dimensions, tolerances, and colors. Injection molded compostable products are created by microbial fermentation or the polymerization of natural and refined sugars and starches. All from plants that are easily grown throughout the world.

Injection molded compostable products are made from bioplastics that are recognized by American and international standards organizations as  compostable materials. That means  certified injection molded compostable products can be composted just like food and yard waste in an industrial compost facility Bioplastic products made by UrthPact can be treated just like grass clippings, fruit rinds, and plant trimmings.

To learn more about bioplastics and injection molded compostable products, contact the compostable bioplastic products experts at UrthPact.