Single-use Common Sense

Plastics made from plants not petroleum

Sustainable Bioplastic Products Are Here

It looks, feels and functions similar to some conventional plastics. It shares many of the same properties and can be molded to nearly any size, dimension and tolerance.

Compostable plastic can compost in as little as 3 months. It’s made of natural renewable resources, not fossil fuels, which takes 500 years.

Naturally Fermented Plastic

Compostable plastic is derived from microbial fermentation or the polymerization of natural and refined sugars and starches. Raw materials like canola seeds and cane sugar are converted to plastic through a natural process that does not harm the environment.


Sustainable and Sensible

Compostable, injection-molded PLA replaces single-use petroleum-based polymers to minimize environmental impact and eliminate unnecessary waste without compromising material quality or integrity.


It’s Time For Change

Switching to bioplastics is easy. It is a safe reliable alternative to petroleum-based plastics used for single-use consumer products, packaging, cutlery, toys, closures, water & juice containers, and medical devices.

One Cup At A Time

We’ve partnered with San Francisco Bay Coffee to reduce the environmental impact of single-serve coffee cups. Their one-cups are compostable and made with a bioplastic component manufactured by UrthPact.

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Polylactic Acid (PLA) in plain English.

This is the technical name of the base material used to mold our compostable products.

PLA shares many of the same properties as some petroleum-based plastics, and PLA Alloys can be tolerant to heat and cold.

You’ll be happy to know however that our sustainable, plant-based, compostable bioplastic products do NOT share ANY properties that harm the environment.