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Jul 6, 2020

Single-use products have played a key role in our world’s ability to respond to the coronavirus. From personal protective equipment like masks and gloves to take out containers, cutlery, cups and straws, it would have been extremely difficult for us to make it through this without the usage of single-use products. However, this has also put a huge strain on our planet. As we’ve been working to save countless lives, we’ve forgotten a very important one: our planet’s. As the post-covid future stands before us, we at UrthPact want to be sure we’re doing our part to help provide convenience and sanitation without furthering the plastic pollution problem.

First and foremost, we are currently ramping up to full production levels of our home compostable – marine degradable straws. These straws are absolutely the best alternative to your traditional single-use plastic straws. Besides being 100% home compostable, they are also made from a marine degradable material that will fully biodegrade in the oceans in under 6 months, should the straws accidentally end up there. The straws are also certified industrially compostable as well, for anyone who hasn’t quite made the switch to home compostables. The straws are perfect in any industry, as they can easily be disposed of along with food waste. And most importantly: our straws price right on par with paper straws. Price has been an incredibly limiting factor in the bioplastics industry, and while still being more expensive than traditional plastic straws, our straws compete favorably with paper straw prices. And the customer experience? Our straws win hands-down. Paper straws struggle to stand up to liquids, chewing, ice cubes, and various temperatures, while our straws perform exactly as you would expect a traditional plastic straw to. They truly provide all of the benefits and none of the environmental guilt.

And we haven’t stopped at straws. Our product lines also include industrially compostable coffee packaging and cutlery, as well as industrially compostable water bottle preforms and caps. All of our products are certified compostable, 100% made in the USA, and are manufactured in SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified facilities. All of this guarantees you the highest quality product that was made with your customers’ health and well-being in mind. We mitigate risk for our partners every step of the way, and are constantly making sure that everyone wins: the customer, our partners, us, and the planet. Our core values drive our mission and we believe in partnering with other like minded businesses.

The right thing, the innovative thing, proud employees, and a win for everyone. These are the values we embody and direct towards our mission of keeping 25 billion plastic pieces from reaching oceans and landfills. And straws are just our starting point. We plan on converting all of our existing product lines from commercially compostable to home compostable in the upcoming years. The single-use industry isn’t going anywhere. And it’s time we took steps to improve it. We’ve seen how necessary it is, so let’s use our abilities and the knowledge to make it both people healthy and planet healthy.

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