Paul Boudreau, CEO of UrthPact, featured in Sentinel & Enterprise’s Memorable People of 2016

Jan 1, 2017

When the CEO of UrthPact was discussing his lifetime of work in Leominster’s plastics industry and his partnership with a San Francisco company to develop an environmentally friendly “K-Cup” he said, “I kind of thought, ‘Is that what it’s going to say on my tombstone?’ That I was the guy that created all of this plastic waste?'”

His Leominster company, Innovative Mold Solutions, had designed and manufactured an array of plastic products over the years, but it was beginning to weigh on his mind, so he founded UrthPact devoted to finding green solutions to plastics manufacturing.

What followed was the development of the environmentally friendly OneCup created using a plant-based polymer that is heat resistant and completely biodegradable.

Selling in stores across the country, Boudreau said over 1 billion had been sold and prevented 6.6 million pounds of plastic waste going into landfills.

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