UrthPact, Preserve, and Totally Green Bottles and Caps Score at the Green Sports Alliance Summit

Jul 18, 2017

All National Sports Leagues attend – Bill Walton Keynotes

Paul Nickerson of UrthPact and Brian O’Donnell of Preserve with an array of compostable and recycled content products

UrthPact teamed up with our customers Preserve and Totally Green Bottles and Caps to sponsor and share an exhibit booth at the Green Sports Alliance Summit. The conference took place in the newly built, energy efficient (LEED platinum certified) Golden 1 Center in Sacramento California. All of the major sports leagues in the country attended including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS,  and NASCAR.  Many colleges, and universities, as well as international and lesser known leagues like USA Waterski, also attended.

We became a sponsor due to the strong presence of the leagues and their ability to support sustainable practices in their facilities. Since our main products are compostable plastic products, venues with closed-loop waste streams that contain and isolate the disposal of compostables are ideal.  Stadiums, airports, colleges and large corporate campuses fit this closed-loop model well.  This ensures that our customers’ compostable bottles, plates, and compostable cutlery get to the proper end-of-life destination.

From the onset of the summit, I sensed that this conference was to be like no other. As a sponsor and exhibitor, we were encouraged to participate in all of the conference sessions. We were invited to mix and mingle with attendees at all of the events, including meals and conference activities. This made our team feel more like partners than vendors.  A welcome change to the usual vendor/attendee relationship. And on a side note, the food was fantastic. The chef and his staff actually received a standing O at the evening celebration and ECO-fashion show. (Sacramento State University students designed and modeled recycled and upcycled clothing in their annual Student Fashion Association Fashion Show at the event. Way to go SAC State!) And hats off to the events planners of the Green Sports Alliance Summit.

UrthPact, Preserve, and Totally Green Bottles and Caps Score Green Sports Alliance Summit

Bill Walton and Scott Sweeney of UrthPact

Bill Walton Keynote Pumps Up the Audience
Then there was an added bonus, Bill Walton, former Boston Celtic and MVP was our keynote speaker. As a Boston boy, it was inspiring to feel the passion that Bill Walton, has for the Green Movement.   Bill high-fived us all for the work we are doing to save the planet. “We are all on the front lines. We are in a battle,” Bill said. He talked about the importance of knowing your job and how to do it. Saying, that when he was battling for a jump ball, he knew exactly who he was going to tap the ball to in order to succeed. And that is what we must know in order to win. We must know our next move in order to succeed.  Toward the end of Bill’s speech to the astonishment of the crowd, and demonstrating his true love for what we were all there for, Bill Walton gave out his personal phone number and his email address. He said, “Call me and I will help you. And if I don’t answer you, reach out again and say, Bill, I thought you said you would help me!” Thanks for the assistance, Bill. You can expect a call from me in the future!

UrthPact, Preserve, and Totally Green Bottles and Caps Score Green Sports Alliance Summit

Liza Milagro of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport sporting Preserve and Totally Green Bottles and Caps products

Passionate and Dedicated Summit Attendees
We could also see, hear and feel the dedication that the attendees shared for promoting green causes. One conference attendee, in particular, stood out, Liza Milagro, the Senior Sustainability Leader at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). She was delighted with our customer’s Totally Green Bottles and Caps – compostable private labeled water bottles, caps and labels.  She said she had never seen anything like it. She was right because we just released our first prototypes. They are in the qualification stage. Given the ban on Styrofoam containers starting on October 1 at ATL Airport, she also did a celebration dance over the fully compostable plates and reusable containers sold by our partner Preserve.

And a big shout out to our colleagues and fellow sponsors for their dedication and innovative green products, from Greenworks tools and Seeds printing to recover brand clothing. These folks are making their livelihoods and investing their lives in doing the right thing for our planet.

What was the biggest takeaway from the Green Sports Alliance Summit? It was that we are all on the forefront of a very important movement. It’s no lay-up, but our mission is strong and continuing to strengthen. Why? Because of governments and bureaucrats? Well, in some cases yes, but more importantly because consumers are demanding more ecological and green solutions. So we are here, leaving it all on the court or field or ring, or what have you. We continue to work toward a planet with less waste, less toxic plastic waste in our case. And we will continue to fight until we achieve victory and a planet Where Consumption Leaves No Footprint – our motto.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Sweeney
VP of Marketing and Consultant to UrthPact

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