UrthPact Takes Pride in Being a 100% American-Based Manufacturer

May 29, 2020

Made in China. It’s a phrase many of us are used to hearing or seeing, but one that we didn’t pay much attention to until this coronavirus pandemic. And let’s be clear here: it has absolutely nothing to do with China’s position in this entire pandemic. The US workforce is experiencing one of the hardest times it ever has. With unemployment spikes rising to over 20% in the past weeks, the reason Made in America products have become so popular is to support and create jobs for the American people. At UrthPact, we are proud to be a part of that movement. We’ve always believed in the American workforce, and that they produce higher-quality and more health-conscious products than do their overseas counterparts. And we thread that message through the entirety of our company.

This week we celebrated Memorial Day. We honored the American men and women who lost their lives defending our country. We spent time with family (over social distance and video chat), and considered what the reopening of the country means for each and every one of us. As the single-use disposables industry continues to see increases in demand, we are working tirelessly to solve every problem, and to provide our customers with a 100% American-made, contaminant-free and food-safe product. And we keep moving forward, even if coronavirus has done everything in its power to hold us back. We are ramping up production of our home compostable straws and will be stocking our customer’s inventories in early June. Our coffee customers are experiencing higher demand than ever before. Our cutlery lines are preparing for an absolutely incredible new demand source. And everyone is keeping the planet in mind as they choose their disposables. If we’re going to use more disposables, why not choose ones that are healthy for the planet as well as for your customers?

To give you an idea of how many American workers you support when you choose UrthPact products, consider a single, wrapped, home compostable straw. Now, that straw started out as a canola plant that was sourced from American farmers. It’s then made into a home compostable, marine-degradable bioplastic resin by our American-based suppliers. That resin comes to UrthPact, where it is extruded into a straw. That process requires engineers and technicians to run the machines, operators to ensure a smooth flow through the production line, a quality team to inspect the product, and packagers and shippers to send it out. It then goes to a distributor or private-label brand, where that straw supports jobs in their sales and shipping departments again. And finally, it goes to the end-user, where it helps support take-out establishments, restaurants, and a variety of other single-use industries. Just one straw can provide jobs to a huge range of individuals in a variety of different industries. 

Jobs are one of the most important things in America right now.  We take great pride in being able to provide good jobs for our 100% American-based workforce. Our support of American workers, suppliers, partners, and their customers allows everyone to win. That’s part of our core mission here at UrthPact. Everyone deserves to win: us, our private label and brand customers, our distributor partners, their customers, our material suppliers, and our planet. So as we get back to normal life, we urge all private label brands, foodservice distributors, and all who provide single-use products to your customers, to assess the products you buy. Where are they made? How many Americans did they provide jobs to? Are they supporting people as well as the planet? Choose made in the USA. Choose to support the American people. Choose to protect our planet. Choose UrthPact.

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