Why American Manufacturers Can Top Outsourcing at Every Turn

Apr 11, 2020

Why American Manufacturers Can Top Outsourcing at Every Turn

Jobs. Something that’s been on everyone’s mind a lot lately. Many are lucky to be able to work remotely, or work for companies that have the ability to guarantee their job until this is all over. However, that’s not the case for a growing portion of the American workforce. This week, UrthPact has been highlighting why manufacturing on American soil is a better option than overseas manufacturing. By sourcing products made in the USA, you are bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US, providing a wide variety of work opportunities to American citizens, and providing your customers with higher-quality, food-safe products.

Jobs began being moved overseas back in the early 90’s and 2000’s. Why? The lower cost of labor allows Asia to make products cheaper. Lower standards of employee support internationally mean that other countries only pay their employees 1/10 of what Americans are paid. As a result, millions of Americans lost manufacturing jobs during this time period. But what have we given up? The availability of critical materials and supplies when demand spikes. The quality of our products. Safe working conditions for employees. Shorter timelines. Successful communication and streamlined development processes. By choosing American-made products, you bring manufacturing jobs back to America, and reap the many benefits of the American workforce.

These benefits elevate and support your company and the US workforce in many ways. Costs of maintaining inventory and shipping are much lower domestically. US facilities and working conditions are certified food-safe and produce products that are approved by the FDA. American prices are competitive with those from overseas manufacturers. And those are just the material things. Due to automation and infrastructure advancements, American manufacturers provide jobs of a much higher quality than those overseas. In 2015, Forbes published an article stating that American workers produce ten to twelve times more output than someone overseas. USA-based manufacturing helps to advance skill sets and encourage ingenuity. As much as American manufacturers benefit from the American workforce, the workforce benefits from the provided opportunities as well.

So why does all of this matter? Because jobs and careers are the backbone of the American economy. And right now, the stress on the economy is on everyone’s minds. Bringing jobs back to American soil will not only benefit the American people and American businesses, but the American economy as a whole. So next time you are deciding whether to purchase a product made in America or made overseas – consider how much better of a product you get when choosing American-made. Consider how much better of an environment it was manufactured in. And most importantly, remember that choosing American-made products not only benefits your company, but America as a nation as well.

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