World CleanUp Day 2020 – How UrthPact’s Compostable Products Clean the Planet

Sep 18, 2020

25 billion pieces of plastic. A world where consumption leaves no footprint. Both of these missions are what drive everyone at UrthPact every single day. Every compostable piece we manufacture, every sale we make, brings us closer to these goals. With World CleanUp Day tomorrow, we want to encourage everyone out there to do something for the planet. Pick up trash while on your daily walk, participate in a beach cleanup, or even something as simple as declining a plastic straw with your morning iced coffee and opting for a more sustainable option like reusable or home compostable. Every single person making one small change has the ability to create ripples through a society, and reach further than you could imagine.

When UrthPact was founded, we set a goal of creating a world where consumption leaves no footprint. We recognize that society requires the convenience and use of plastic products, but we want to be able to provide that convenience without putting a burden on the planet. That’s why all of our product lines are compostable–either commercially or home compostable. Each product we sell helps to eliminate the need for their plastic counterparts, therefore reducing the need for plastic products throughout an industry. By providing a cost-effective and planet-healthy alternative, we continue moving towards a world where consumption leaves no footprint.

Not only do we have a goal of consumption without leaving a footprint, but we also set a goal to prevent 25 billion plastic pieces from reaching oceans and landfills. Every article we sell contributes to this goal. As of this week, we had crossed the 8 billion mark on our way to this goal. That’s enough pieces to circle the Earth almost 40 times. And we still have a long way to go. In order to reach the 25 billion mark, we still have to circle the Earth over 80 more times. That’s where all of our partners and customers come in. We truly would never have come this far, or have the ability to reach these goals without them.

So, as you head outside this weekend, take a minute to think about the planet. What can you do on a daily basis to help clean up your neighborhood? Could you switch from disposable plastic bottles to a reusable one? Could you choose paper bags at the grocery store rather than plastic? Maybe order compostable coffee pods instead of buying plastic ones? By making one small change in your daily routine, you just might influence the people around you to make changes too. Participating in World CleanUp Day 2020 is a great place to start your sustainability journey, and a great way to end the Summer of Sustainability. So pick up trash, choose sustainable single-use products, and encourage others to make the healthiest choices for our planet.

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