Month: March 2021

Why Plastics Bans Should NOT Include Compostable Bioplastics

As plastic pollution becomes more and more visible to consumers and everyday citizens, cities, states and countries have been enacting plastic bans.  As we begin to recognize the problems caused by traditional, petroleum-based single-use products, we have started...

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Single-Usage Isn’t the Problem, the Material Is

Straws, bottles, bags, cutlery, wrappers...what do they all have in common? Well, first of all, most of these are single-use products, meaning they’re meant to be used a single time and then thrown away. This may be for sanitary reasons (who wants to use a plastic...

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Getting Your Compostables Certified: The Why and the How

In the land of sustainable products, customers tend to have a lot of questions. What does it mean to say something is “compostable”? What about “biodegradable”? Does this apply to everywhere on Earth or just one specific, controlled environment? The product itself or...

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