UrthPact Sponsors Green Sports Alliance Summit 2017

May 25, 2017

Green Sports Alliance Summit event promo photoUrthPact is a proud sponsor of this year’s Green Sports Alliance Summit, June 27-29 at the LEED Platinum Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California –home of the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team. We’re excited to be a part of the growing movement to make a positive environmental and social impact on the sports industry and its fans.

The Green Sports Alliance will bring sports leaders together from 15 leagues, representing 14 countries at the Golden 1 Center, a venue that’s entirely powered by renewable energy. With a theme of PLAY GREENER™, the seventh annual Summit aims to accelerate fan engagement; educate youth on sustainability through sports; and leverage the $485 billion sports industry to tackle energy, waste, water, food, transportation, and other sustainability issues in sports.

Olympians Mary Harvey and Jill Savery, Hall of Famers Bill Walton and Peter “PT” Townend, NASCAR stars Joey McColm and Julia Landauer, and numerous other athletes who care about our world’s future will share the stage with Yankees VP Operations Doug Behar, Mercedes-Benz Stadium General Manager Scott Jenkins, Arizona State Athletic Director Ray Anderson, and other team executives who lead the way in greening sports venues.

If you’re going to be on the west coast, be sure to stop by our booth at the Summit – we’ll be exhibiting with our friends from Totally Green Bottles & Caps  and Preserve. Totally Green makes bottles and caps from plant-based materials rather than petroleum-based plastic. In fact, their bottle, cap, and label are 100% compostable and may even be safely incinerated as a clean-burning fuel. Attendees will be able to check out their new Green Bottle Spring Water in their completely-compostable packaging.

Preserve is dedicated to transforming everyday products such as toothbrushes with recycled #5 polypropylene that can be used over and over again, gaining new life each time as a new product.

For our part, we’re going to be exhibiting the new cutlery made of recycled plastic that we’re manufacturing for Preserve, as well as the convenient cutlery dispenser we make to keep it all safe and sanitary. We’ll also be showing off the environmentally-friendly bioplastic coffee pods that contain components we make for our customers Cameron’s Coffee, Canterbury Coffee, and San Francisco Bay Coffee.

We’re looking forward to participating in the Summit and bringing that kind of environmental spirit back with us to the east coast. Go Green!

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