Urthpact is Now Manufacturing Single-use Recycled Flatware

Jun 14, 2017

Preserve-Cutlery-GroupUrthpact is excited to announce that we’re now manufacturing high-quality, single-use recyclable plastic flatware for food service suppliers, grocery stores, and other food services companies. This high-quality, fully recyclable plastic flatware will enable food service providers to provide their customers with environmentally-friendly products that will help create a more satisfying customer experience and build brand loyalty with environmentally-conscious consumers.

Waltham Massachusetts based consumer products company Preserve has tapped UrthPact to manufacture the single-use plastic cutlery and dispensers using 100% recycled polypropylene (#5) plastic collected through Preserve’s Gimme 5 plastic recycling program. The company recently exhibited its new line of earth-friendly food service products including the new UrthPact produced recycled cutlery and dispenser at the National Restaurant Association show.

It is exciting to be producing these sturdy and attractive recycled utensils right here in the USA using manufacturing facilities that have been certified by the global food safety organization AIB International to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Preserve Cutlery dispensorSince 2015, our goal has been to be work with Preserve. This was when we first started to explore recycled plastic products as a way for Preserve to better utilize all the #5 recycled plastic they were collecting through their highly-successful Gimme 5 program. Preserve’s CEO Eric Hudson and our own CEO Paul Boudreau see this recycled plastic cutlery as just the beginning of what could become an extended line of recycled plastic products that can further reduce reliance on non-sustainable, petroleum-based plastic and keep more plastic in the manufacturing cycle where it can continue to be used to create new, more useful consumer products.

Urthpact is continuing to work closely with Preserve to develop some exciting new products.

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