The Single-Use Straw Problem Is Solved with UrthPact

Jun 24, 2021

Let’s be honest: do any of us really enjoy drinking from a paper straw? Do we like struggling to stay clean while driving with a sippy lid? While we have done a great job perpetuating the idea that we should stop using unnecessary plastics like straws, we haven’t considered human nature in that process: we like convenience. Even the most plastic-phobic people don’t want to have an open cup of Diet Coke in their car while they’re driving. And there is a large portion of society that requires a straw in order to enjoy a beverage. UrthPact is here to bring you the solution to your problems and worries: a single-use straw made from home compostable and marine-degradable materials that feels and functions like plastic but will completely biodegrade, anywhere on Earth, in under a year.

Over the past year, UrthPact has been engineering the processes to use an earth-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable resin for our new straw line. Our goal was to create a straw that provides function without guilt; that could stand up to drinks but break down in compost, or the oceans (should they accidentally get there). And that’s exactly what we did. UrthPact straws are made from a marine-degradable material that will biodegrade in the ocean in just 6 months, and in home compost in under a year. They’ll even break down in landfills, as well as in commercial compost settings as well. No matter where on the planet these straws find themselves at the end of their lives, they will vanish back to the Earth in under a year.

Not only did we take Mother Nature into account with this product, but we focused on our customers too. Our straws are 100% Made in the USA, fully supporting the American workforce through every stage of the manufacturing process. All of UrthPact’s facilities are SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, and we guarantee the highest quality of our products. The straws are price competitive with other plastic alternatives and are the perfect solution for larger-scale operations where reusable straws are not a feasible option.

A world where consumption leaves no footprint. 25 billion plastic pieces kept from oceans and landfills. These are the goals that drive us every single day. Drive us to continue creating innovative solutions to the plastic pollution problem. To educate consumers on the options that are available to them. Our straws are only the beginning of the solution. The possibilities of home compostable bioplastics can truly revolutionize the single-use products industry. 

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