American-Manufacturing Focuses on Health, Safety, and Quality

Feb 23, 2021

Between winter-time and covid-19, flu season this year has been much more of a worry than normal. Restrictions that had been rolled back were put back in place to help protect people during this risky time of year. And while that’s difficult for many of us to accept (because if y’all are anything like us, we’re getting very tired of looking at the walls of our homes), it is helping to protect us and get this pandemic under control so we can do all of those things we love and miss. With vaccines beginning to be administered, the future’s looking bright. Another piece of that bright future is President Biden’s support for Made in the USA products and small businesses. Essentially, this order ensures that when the federal government spends taxpayer dollars, they are spending them on goods that are made in the USA with USA-made components. Biden recognizes the potential of the American workforce, as well as the fact that products made in the USA are safer, healthier, and of a higher quality than those manufactured overseas.

First off, America has some of the most advanced technology in the field of manufacturing. Automation and other advances keep product quality consistent over time, as well as frees up employees to learn higher-level skills and develop more advanced and in-depth knowledge in their field. This prepares them for career advancements and makes them a stronger asset to their employer, and allows them to be more productive over a period of time and produce better quality products. Better technology and better-trained personnel lead to better and more consistent quality checks and higher quality products overall. Having your products made in the USA also shortens shipping times and decreases the number of hands that touch the product before it reaches your customers. This makes USA-based products healthier for the environment and for the consumers who utilize them. 

On top of a more productive workforce, more advanced automation technology, and better shipping options, US-based manufacturers are also held to higher health, safety, and quality standards than many overseas manufacturers. One of those standards is an SQF (Safe Quality Foods) certification. SQF certifications are an internationally recognized standard of food-safety and product quality. It mitigates risk for buyers and consumers in partnering with manufacturers by ensuring them that the manufacturers place food safety and product quality at the top of their priority list. It shows preparedness on the part of the manufacturer as it requires procedures to be documented and in place for nearly every possible quality or emergency scenario. It demonstrates commitment, strong values and work ethic, as this certification is not an easy one to obtain and requires constant upkeep and auditing from the certifying body. SQF certified manufacturers are the best possible partners for consumer food-related products; their concern is the same as yours – keeping your customers as safe and healthy as possible while still providing the highest-quality products.

The face of manufacturing in the US is changing. As the federal government continues to increase support for American-Made products and US-based manufacturing, we will begin to see increases in demand for those products as well. The more we can support Made in the USA products, the more jobs we provide for American workers, and the higher quality of life we provide for our citizens. Many workers overseas are not provided with insurance, retirement benefits, or even minimum wage salaries. These improved standards of living make American workers and businesses more productive than competitors overseas, and with the influence of new legislation to encourage companies to choose American-made products, this can only increase moving forward. American businesses support American workers to help make the best products for the American people. What more could you ask for?

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